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How we can help
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Build community and drive traffic

We offer a range of digital marketing services to help you build a thriving online community and drive traffic to your website. Tailored to your requirements, we’ll develop a plan to help you navigate the world of social media engagement and increase visibility.

Our services are costed on a project by project basis, or they can form part of an ongoing digital marketing strategy, bundled with our monthly Pro Website Care Plan.

Email marketing

Email is an essential tool in your digital marketing toolbox and is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your clients and prospects…

  • create compelling signup forms and organise your lists of contacts,
  • sync your ecommerce data to your lists,
  • segment your subscribers for advanced email campaign targeting,
  • advise on GDPR requirements for data consent, privacy and control,
  • design custom email newsletters that reflect your brand and highlight your services,
  • manage your email campaigns,
  • produce reports so you can analyse CTR.

Facebook advertising

  • Creative words and pictures
    We’ll note your objectives, whether it’s brand building or traffic and design a great ad to achieve them.
  • Advanced audience targeting
    We can target your Facebook adverts to the types of people who matter most to your business.
  • Advert scheduling and budgeting
    Facebook adverts offer more flexibility than traditional adverts, for instance, we can update your advert’s schedule and budget at any time.
  • Performance tracking
    Track how your adverts are performing in real time. We can also implement the Facebook pixel to Re-target advertising to visitors of your website.

Social media consultancy

Having an engaging social media presence is a great way of showing your personality and rewarding interaction with your audience…

  • advise on social media strategy for your business operations and digital marketing activity,
  • provide integration tools on your website to showcase your latest social media posts,
  • ensure your web site is able to be shared and liked by your visitors,
  • create brand specific graphics for your social media profiles.

Search engine optimisation

SEO is the fine-tuning of your website to make it as search engine friendly as possible, and can improve your position in the search engines…

  • check your keywords and phrases to find the best strategy and optimal chance of success,
  • optimise your content to ensure your keywords are included in URLs, titles and meta data,
  • enable SEO software to create and automatically post sitemaps and manage your keywords,
  • set up Google Analytics to measure keyword performance and conversions.