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Ensuring the health and security of your WordPress website
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Website maintenance - shield protecting the globe

Our website maintenance plans provide expert support and protection

With bundled web design support we’ll keep your content active and fresh. Rely on our 20 years of web design experience to maintain the integrity and relevancy of your website.

Web Design Support

From uploading new pages to managing your digital marketing, we’ve got your content covered. We roll over any support time you don’t use whilst on contract.

Basic Plan

Software Updates

We update to the latest versions of WordPress, plugins and themes. You’ll benefit from running the safest, most stable and feature-rich versions of the software.

Basic Plan


Your files are backed up monthly and databases weekly and stored securely offsite. If you are hosted with us, we also offer daily onsite restoration points.

Basic Plan

Security and Protection

Install and set up the #1 WordPress security plugin to help keep your site safe from hackers. This includes protection from brute force attacks and much more.

Basic Plan

Security Scan Scheduling

We protect your site with automated security site scans. We scan your website twice a day for vulnerable WordPress plugins, themes, and WordPress core versions.

Basic Plan

Spam Control

We will install and configure software to help prevent spam getting through your comments or review systems. If any spam does make it through, we’ll delete it.

Basic Plan

Site Recovery

Prevention is better than cure but if something happens that we can’t fix, we will restore your website to full health with our latest backup.

Basic Plan

Performance Optimisation

On our Website Care Plans we check and optimise your database to ensure unnecessary data doesn’t slow down your site’s performance.

Basic Plan

Google Analytics

Provides detailed visitor statistics and analysis to show how many people have visited, what they are looking at and how they arrived at your site.

Basic Plan

Uptime Monitoring

A robot will “ping” your website every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day and if your site is down, we are immediately notified by SMS. Fixes are performed during office hours.

Basic Plan

Cloudflare CDN

Trusted by over 13 million websites, we’ll install Cloudflare for a faster, secure, and more reliable internet experience for your visitors.

Basic Plan

Monthly Site Review

We’ll review and recommend where our support should be focussed – digital marketing strategy, technical improvements or content creation with a monthly call.

Pro Plan

Plans and pricing

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my website is hacked or goes offline?

Whilst under our care we would hope to prevent this from happening. We cannot promise your website will not be compromised, but if your website does go down, we will do all we can to identify the problem and repair the damage or else restore it to full health with one of our backups.

Which tasks are included in the web design support time?

The most often requested tasks include content updates, design tweaks, email marketing mail-outs and minor ecommerce configuration changes.  We are happy to provide any support you need to maintain the relevancy of your content and systems within your plan’s allocated web design support time.

What if I need more hours for a particular task?

Some requests for web design may need a separate quote as implementing new features or setting up a big digital marketing campaign can push us over the monthly time, even with our ‘roll over’ benefit (see below). We consider requests on a case by case basis and if needed, submit a quote for your approval at a discounted rate of £50 per hour.

Is there a minimum contract period?

We usually invoice quarterly in advance. This allows us to ‘roll over’ web design support time, so you can use it anytime over the quarter. We hope to develop a long term relationship with you and would hate to see you go, but you can cancel at anytime.

My website was not designed by you, can I still be on a care plan?

Yes, we welcome any new clients who are looking for an ongoing website care package.

My website is not on your web hosting servers, can I still be on a care plan?

Yes, but we would prefer you were on one of our web hosting packages as we know and trust them to deliver the best service to you. Daily restore points are available if you are hosted with us and you will also benefit from our server security firewalls so it’s highly recommended. We offer free migration of your website to make the switch as easy for you as we can.